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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of health care. It aims to prevent and cure specific diseases and conditions by sticking very fine, solid needles into points of the body.

Geriatric TCM (Elderly)

Geriatric TCM encompasses the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases associated with elderly patients, and also their related problems in the society.

Paediatric TCM (Kids)

In children, TCM works best in treating respiratory and gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhoea, poor appetite, gastroenteritis, the common flu, chronic cough and allergic rhinitis.

Gynaecology TCM (Women)

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice, women's physiology originates in blood, which is the foundation for the menstrual period, fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Complementary Cancer Treatment

While western medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy focus on killing cancer cells, TCM therapy complements them by enhancing your overall health and vitality. TCM considers the cause of most cancers to be Qi stagnation and Qi loss.

Sequelae of Apoplexy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been historically used for stroke treatment, and is widely used today. This process involved the curative effect of sequela of apoplexy by electroacupuncture combined with Chinese medicine.

Fire Needles

Fire needle acupuncture also known as fire needling is an acupuncture technique which involves quickly inserting a red hot needle into areas on the body.

Ear Needles for Weight Loss

Ear acupuncture is an alternative therapy believed to boost weight loss, which involved stimulating 5 pressure points in the ear continuously for at least 4 weeks.

Acupuncture in Stroke Treatment

Acupuncture for stroke patients who participate in both acupuncture and rehabilitation exercises see significantly better results than those who just do rehab exercises alone.


Herbal remedies, herb-derived eye drop formulas, a combination of both, and acupuncture have shown promising results in relieving fluid pressure in the eyes.


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